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Report - Coulsdon Underground WW2 bunker all sealed up?


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28DL Member
Me and my friends yesterday went to see if the entrances were still open to the bunker, but every one we came across was all sealed up. we saw a dude climb through a hole in the ground in a video which we tried to follow but couldnt find the hole anywhere, think its fair to say its all closed up.
would be good for someone whose been before to double check since they know exactly what they're looking for whereas we didnt, just having video guides to help us.

Bikin Glynn

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Yep its all sealed, I went for a revisit while passing a few weeks back & the only entrances that were accessible a few years back are certainly sealed now!
There was however 2 hidden spades, so would pay to keep checking, looks like someone is having a bash at opening it ;-)

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