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Report - Council House Extension, Birmingham – February 2011


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After another eBay win I picked Rookie up from the train station and headed down to Stafford. After a few hours pretty much wasted OneByOne suggested having a crack at the scaffolding surrounding the council house extension.

After heading into the city and parking the car we set off climbing into the darkness - 'No worries when we hit the roof and nobody has clocked us climbing up!' Just as we poked our heads up on the last level of scaffolding we spotted the massive dome camera which lives on the rooftop, after the initial ‘sh*tting the bed’ we set off on our hands and knees under a small alcove of stonework so that we wouldn’t be spotted.

After waiting for people to leave from the square below us we managed to get out of sight so that we could see what was at the very top, it seems like the council are finally patching the leaky roof up but the fate of the dome is unknown.




Like many of its brothers and sisters it is no surprise that this place is grade two listed, the original council house was completed in 1879 with the first extension added in 1885 along with the 1919 extension 34 years later designed by architects Ashley & Newman . The original building was linked to the extension via a bridge/walkway between the two buildings, it is said to resemble the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.



Keep your eyes out for the cameras dotted along the rooftops if you have a pop at it.

Big thanks for Rookie & OneByOne for the laughs, Gone...​


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