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Report - County Constabulary (Eddisbury Devision, A556)


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Firstly I will apologise for poor images, I had poor lighting and could not show off the building at all. We drove past this building randomly so literally just had my camera, no flash or lights at all :(

Me and a friend were driving away from a photography job, down the lovely A554. My friend said she spotted this building on the way there and as we drove past again she pointed it out, I saw it and drove past saying we should get inside, we quickly turned around and parked up.

History: Built in 1892, had a magistrates courthouse, contained 3 cells (one was used for storage, another was in very good condition.) It has been disused since 1987, planning permission papers were found for it to be turned into a hotel but clearly they did not go through.

From a previous thread there are papers dating back to 1957. Apparently it was the headquarters for the Eddisbury Division.

Fantastic to image the smartly dressed 1980s policemen (my mind thinks of Life on Mars?) walking around and doing their duties, smoking cigarettes and discussing the day, and catching "crims" of course!


You can see that the building is very impressive from the outside!

Once inside we saw a lot of broken floorboards, and tattered staircases, but there is some very interesting stuff in there to look at.


List of speeding violations dating 1976.


Manual for a hand operated air-raid siren, the chilling details of how long to siren for in the event of Nuclear Fallout, so this is clearly Cold-War Era.





I really like this image, theres something arty about how that scrap metal falls. Genuinely.




Fantastic Detour, got my eye in for exploration now.
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Mate you have quite a few dupliacates there but the bigger problem is they are all close ups so really you don't give any clue as to what the place actually looks like; ergo they could be taken anywhere.


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I know, Im annoyed with the close ups, it was my first explore and very spontaneous so I focussed on all of the stuff in the building, not the building itself.

Next time, my photos shall be better!

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First, thanks for fixing the pictures. But then it becomes clear, like the others have said, that it's just pictures of litter.

This however is interesting...


Find anything else in the immediate vicinity of that?

Any pictures of the cells?


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I loved finding that manual, there was nothing else that I found that spoke of hints to the Cold War. Which is a shame as I'm very interested in that area of history.

Thank you for the feedback though, I'll take it into account for the next trip I make! Need me a wide angle lens!

Also, no, due to lighting and a 35mm prime lens, couldn't make out the cells. If I'm in the area again I'll reshoot it with more prep!
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As said previously I had a 35mm prime so couldn't make out the cells, and also had no strong light source as it was not a planned visit.

I've seen your photos of the building and I loved them. Thanks for commenting.

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