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Report - County Hotel, Alderley Cheshire 0615


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Originally called Arden house in the 1880's, it was one of a small collection of detached residential villas set in their own private land near the small village of Alderley Edge, Cheshire. It's a beautiful old building externally, it was bought by the breweries and renamed the County Hotel to serve the many visitors to the idyllic surroundings.

That all ended in 2009 when it closed and planning permission to build residential apartments had been sought but is still pending.

I had passed this place many times over the years after working nearby and decided after another site was inaccessible - to have a mooch!

I have a personal rule I created when exploring (Nothing illegal of course) and on this occasion I decided not to follow it. More fool me!

Using ninja skills like never before I got inside, it's pretty messy and trashed inside. And dark due to the boarded up ground floor. Whilst feeling pretty pleased with myself I was in the kitchen when BANG! It sounded like someone booting the aforementioned boards and when you are alone in the dark of a derelict building it sounds Fucking loud! I gingerly killed my light and went looking to see if anyone was trying to get in. Silence! So I carried on regardless and was delighted with my results on the upper floors. I looked out the windows to seek the noisy culprit but saw no one! But suddenly my survival instincts kicked in and I decided to get out, as I walked back to my car I saw some men had opened the gates and were looking up at the building while slowly walking towards it. I managed to get away unseen and drive off quickly. I really must stop doing this solo! Thank you instincts!

As for the Bang? I have no idea, it happened before the men arrived and no one else was around.

On with the pics!

Main bar:


Mines a Babycham!




Pool room:




Kitchen - just before the noise occurred!


Fittings and Bibles!


Grow your own carpet!


The sky fell in!


Obligatory chair shot!






The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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i really like this
And well done for giving it a go on your own
It makes the whole experience completely different


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Great one mate, It's amazing how more it has deteriorated in the last couple of months.

As for the blokes I can probably add some light to this. I went down recently looking to have another go as I had't been down in a while. When I got there I was met by this. :( Every window on all 3 floors in the building has now been boarded up and a lot of the boards on the ground floor windows have been replaced.




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Looks like it's off limits now! I shouldn't have walked around the car park, I suspect the nearby house squealed on me.


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Nice mate.

It can be pretty terrifying on your own. Even if you just stop for a minute and listen to the buildig they make some proper orrible noises when its dark and your irrational fear kicks in

guess it all adds to the buzz tho.

Thanks for sharing