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Lead or Rumour info - coventry airport ww2 bunker

tasteless diav

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28DL Full Member
ok, so after numerous fails involving the lottery moving in to restore a derelict castle a week before i arrived and a similair experience with a manor house i decided to try a 'easy' explore. When iregistered on 28dl it was suggested to me the bunker near coventry airport 'onthe top of the hill behind the church' was a good place to start. went up there today and have failed miserably again, any info as to where abouts it is is much appreciated. mods if this is in the wrong section feel free to delete/take the piss, ta:confused


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On my phone at the mo - so a bit fiddly to search - but it's certainly googleable as I looked it up before - remember that it is not in Coventry though - so do try Baginton as a search option - I do however, seem to remember I was staying about 3 miles from the place when I searched for it on line, and didn't bother to go as it looked so insignificant.

Plenty of better stuff around the area.