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Report - Coventry Technical College - October 2009


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Visited on a semi-sunny afternoon with Rooks after a quick look at some other places nearby. Using our superior knowledge of street navigation (satnav) we drove straight past the site missing the turn, so a quick roll around the block and we then discovered DSM's newest addition to their security detail... Security conkers! (obviously security cat's day off) Not to be thwarted we took our shoe laces off and fought our way through, with some near misses, but I came out the other side with my conker being a sixer.

Oh yeah, we were inside by now.

Opened in 1935 as Coventry Technical College, in recent years the institution combined with Tile Hill College and became City College, the campus of which has now moved to near the Swanswell following years of financial difficulties, resignations and allegations of mismanagement at the Butts Lane campus. The last students left this site at the end of 2008 and it and the new buildings will be a mix of offices and flats, hopefully retaining the College Theatre.

Well, my initial fail of the mission was forgetting to get a frontal external shot of the place, instead favouring the boring rear of the building, so I've borrowed this photo from the internet. (thanks internet)





Hair & Beauty.


Science departments.



Note the 28 sticker on the fume cupboard. (+10 explore points)


Fail #2 was seeing the observatory from the far wing, getting excited, and then not being able to find it.



Photography department.


Wouldn't fit in my pocket. :(


This was one hardcore iron. It was connected to some form of gas canister, and one can only presume it was for destroying galaxies.


Library + resources (?)



Fail #3 was trying to find the theatre, and being stopped by an alarm entering the reception area, so no photos of reception either (fail #4).

It's a very nice building though, with quite a bit of stuff left to see although they've cleared at least half the rooms so the interesting parts are on borrowed time. Wouldn't mind going back and finishing the site, but I appear to say that a lot and never do.

We successfully got back out, for Rooks to mark the occasion by throwing my (top quality) Aldi tri-pod out of a window, causing it to fall apart. :p

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