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Report - Crachoir Piscine, Belgium August 2010


I should have danced all night
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Crachoir Piscine (Swimming Pool for Crackwhores) is a striking building in the middle of its town. I had no idea where it was but luckily I had Havoc and Defender on board to help out with locations when I was planning the trip-thanks guys!! :eek: We thought we had all the info we needed to find it and then we realised we had no idea what it looked like and ended up nearly exploring some artist's studio the other side of the dual carriageway. I had a mini flounce which was to be the first of many on our road trip but after some stomping, we eventually discovered we were staring right at it. Doh!

Inside, it was stunning; a real gaspy moment when we first walked in. It's pristine and very old even though it's later been modernised with the addition of flumes.

It also had a canoe bobbing around in the murky green water. Always a good thing.