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Report - Crane Foundry Laboratories, Ipswich 16/03/10


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Visited with Raddog and Speed.

Site two of our lab day extravaganza and Essex was yielding amounts of chemical glassware that one can only fantasize about. I went to Crane about the same time last year we missed out a lot of stuff like the air raid shelter and the labs.

The site is huge but I have a feeling it's going downhill fast. It's completely wide open and the pikeys have been busy bumblebees.

A business report from around the time it closed:

Over 200 manufacturing jobs are set to go in Ipswich at Crane Fluid Systems following a decision to move the majority of its Suffolk operations to other facilities in the UK and overseas.

Crane Fluid has been moving manufacturing process away from Ipswich – where it used to employ some 700 workers – to cheaper foreign labour markets for a number of years and will now close all its production processes there. Of the 286 staff currently in Ipswich, 210 work in production-related positions.

The announcement comes just days after parent company, Crane Co, announced the $36 million (£17.9m) sale of all its buildings and land at the Nacton Road site to Borderbeach Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Property and Leisure Ltd.

The Ipswich facility manufactures a variety of valves and fittings used in controlling the flow of liquids and natural gas.

Crane Ltd will retain its Head Office in Ipswich, which means Finance, IT, Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain, Sales and Customer Service will largely be unaffected though it will move to new office accommodation as soon as suitable premises become available.

The firm also said it intends to maintain the manufacture of its Wask range of products in the UK, though as it would be impractical to continue this as a standalone operation, it will transfer and integrate it into its Hitchin facility. Details of jobs here have not been disclosed.

Here's the photos!
























I should have danced all night
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Hi I worked in the lab from 1972 to 1983 the main room shown is the chemistry lab. We did everything by hand (wet chemical analysis). I can see the old electrolysis equipment on one photo. There were two large spectrograph's in special rooms. I expect they were removed as they were worth thousands.


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So is (was) all that glassware!


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One room shows the Denison a very large machine for testing the tensile strength of test bars. Well its all flat now with supermarkets on top. I have one or two photos taken in the lab I will find them. My Grandad used to work in the gate house as the senior security guard. My Uncle used to drive one of the lorries that took valves etc to Northampton and I had a step father working in the machine shops. Apparently there was a reunion recently at Kesgrave Social Club but I can't find any details on line.

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