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Report - Crane - Hemel Hemstead.


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28DL Full Member
So , we decided to head out to these two sets of cranes on a building site in hemel we obviously climbed the higher one out of the two.

We climbed up to the top ( 18 floors ) we then got up and with in 10 minutes could hear in the dead of night WAY to many police sirens and before we knew it 5 cars had surrounded the site blocking every exit so we did what anyone would do and hit the deck and prayed to every god there was that we would some how get away from this, we figured we must of hit a sensor somewhere along the line although to where im still confused we scouted this site for weeks.

but going on we sat at this crane tripod still fully up and us cross legged sitting down from 10:30pm to 1am and honestly i didn't feel a single drop of fear or panic the views where so beautiful it was so quiet and it was just me and my best friend watching 8 cops 2 dogs and 3 security wonder how 2 people magically vanished from a site.

I turned to my bud when we realised how f*cked we where and said " if we get out of this i will get a crane and us sat on it tattooed on my back " will add that to this once i get it.

but with the few minutes either side of the massive game of hide and seek i got a few photos.







We got away with this by forces unknown i could spend hours explaining every detail but it was by far the highlight of my life to date.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I won't be going anywhere near this site indefinitely and I'll give top props to anyone who can climb this and get away with it.

Although I do find the police force rather funny after watching them run arround for 3 hours looking for us and quite litterally we were above the law.

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