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Quick context, I am NEW to all of this. Always had a fascination for heights. Used to do a lot of graffiti and rooftops were always my thing. So just following my heart.

I've been eyeing a crane for the past week. You keep seeing that red light flashing up at night, attracts like a moth to a light. Yesterday I got the courage to tackle it. Having taken all tips on board from this amazing community, I made my way to the construction site. No problem getting in.

BUT as soon I stood in front of the crane there's one of these anti climb barriers. Exactly like the one in @Thatsnotme91 post: https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threa...-hotel-chelmsford-essex-february-2018.112226/

Man did I look stupid!!!!!!! I wasn't sure how stable those top bits were and didn't know how much time I had to shift stuff around, so I decided not to explore that :(

My question is (and feel free to DM on this), how the hell do I get over that barrier? (especially if I'm on my own!) Does anyone know someone around the Kent (Tunbridge Wells) area who'd be up for exploring and teaching me some tricks. Happily return the favour e.g. I take good pics (insta @dantheagencyman) and have a canon M3.

But I didn't let that completely spoil my night though and I took some pics of the site. Peace!










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Construction sites usually have a few useful props lying about, plus most of the anti-climb barriers usually have a week spot to abuse. Just watch out for alarms ;)

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