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Report - Crank Caverns, Billnge, January, 2015.


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visited here the crank caverns in january with my lad was a nice little sunday morning out not to hard to find but worth a visit if you in the area only took a frw pics but heres a few of them as not really much to see i did go down the caves but not that far in ...

many legends attached to these caves so I will do my best to reproduce them here the first one concerns an account of children who went missing here back in the 18th century and is as follows: Four children decided to explore the sandstone caverns in the area and vanished. One child survived and told a terrifying tale about small old men with beards who killed his three friends and chased him. The petrified child stumbled over human bones in the caves and finally managed to scramble through an opening to the surface as a hand was grabbing at his ankle. The authorities were concerned because a number of people had gone missing in the area near the cave entrances. Two heavily armed soldiers descended into the caverns with torches and claimed that they not only found a heap of human bones, they also found the ruins of an ancient church of some unknown denomination. The interior of the church was lit by three large candles and grotesque gargoyles formed part of an altar. Throughout the exploration of the underground, the soldiers said they felt as if they were being watched, and also heard voices speaking in an unknown language. One report said that a child’s head was found in a cave, along with evidence of cannibalism. After a second investigation, the caves either collapsed or gunpowder was used to seal them, and so the riddle of the underground church of Crank Caverns remains unsolved





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