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Report - Creepy Voodoo Cave, Northfleet - August 2017


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So whilst looking for a set of air raid tunnels, I came across a small cave/dig out in a chalk cliff face. It had been sealed with concrete but somebody had dug a small crawl space to get in. Me and my nonmember accomplice decided to squeeze in through the muddy hole and have a look, and although it wasn't what we were looking for it was still a pretty cool find. If anyone has been here and knows what it was I'd love to know (you might be able to figure it out from some of the old relics in there). Also there are scratches in the rock, very creepy :D

If you're going to try and find this place, be careful on the way in as there's loads of barbed wire and rusty spikes in the dirt; it's tetanus paradise.

This is what caught our attention an a gate

This was the entrance; very tight squeeze. You can see the concrete which has been put there.

A creepy quadruple amputee doll that's been burnt with what looks like fag butts.

Old candle

What is probably an old ammo box - could mean the location was a small ammo depot?

A wide view shot of the whole bunker/dig out

This had been used as a fireplace at some point. No smell of smoke though which leads me to believe the voodoo people haven't been here in a very long time.

A view up to the entrance, you can see old barrels and stuff slowly decaying

A dump of old tools and stuff

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Was this down a walkway with green fence by any chance. If it was I know what these are called. And what the history is behind them. There are a few more round that way too :cool:

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No at the bottom near a field, not sure about road names or anything though - very cool location though :)
Yep there are a few round there. There is also some old pillars left from Rocherville gardens there. The hermit cave and bear pitt all around there too :D

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i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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Ooo nice :) Might have to take another trip up there soon :D

I can give you some directions to the hermit caves and pillars, the bear pit is further out but around there. Best to have another location near by too, as the hermit cave and bear pit will make great pics but not huge for exploring :D


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Intresting find , was down there last night having a little explore but could only get as far as the steps going inside the cliff :banghead