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Report - - Cremyll Fuel Oil Depot - NOV 07 | Military Sites |

Report - Cremyll Fuel Oil Depot - NOV 07

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Kernow Expeditionary Force

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Having seen a few pictures of this site on here from Stuey, but finding VERY little else about it on the net we thought we would investigate it futher....

This site contains four very large fuel oil tanks (45 paces in diameter and approx 22ft high) and are covered in large earth mounds, much evidence of interconnecting pipework exists in the forest.


Peering into the HUGE tank


Nemesis inside tank (giving an idea of scale) - tank is largely dry inside with olny swallow puddles and traces of fuel oil...


A stopcock we found thrown inside the tank (believed to of been originally located on the sevice hatch...

Now onto the nearby tunnel, its use is a mystery atm, no evidence of fuel inside here, so we believe it to be used as water storage??? the tunnel has a few baffles and is approx 150 paces long...some pipework remains and a few bats are resident here so please dont desterb them...



Stalactites are forming on the roof of the tunnel & water droplets form an interesting effect in torchlight...


So all in all a good few hours of wandering around in the woods, then a few pints to consolidate our findings...:thumb