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Lead or Rumour info - Crewe Electrical Works - December 2014


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December 2014

I believe that this is the first report on this location, there isn't much history on this place, going off the brickwork it is probably early 1900's. It was originally built to supply the homes and smaller businesses of crewe with electricity, and was later converted to the local Manweb depot when a new electricity works was opened to the west of the town. The site is a very interesting one for me because I grew up in Crewe and remember being driven past it many times. At the front the building as a tile inset with the words 'Crewe Electricity Works" on it. I was unable to enter the building but managed to get some nice photo's of the outside of the building. Getting into the grounds of the location turned out to be interesting, it probably wasn't the best idea to try and gain access on a busy road during rush hour. The building is split into two parts the original 1900 section seen in the first photo and a later prefabricate extension that is located to the rear next to the valley brook.
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I used to go past this a lot when I studied in Crewe. I think I first saw it back in 2008, I think back then it was still in use but looked just the same.


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I've been here, there a hole in the roofing to the right of the door (whole roof is bouncy) theirs a ladder leading into the building from the hole downwards the main door has also been recently knocked in by a tree.
there is a big open spot with a few smaller rooms as well as a upper floor that is very unstable and is probably on its way down due to rain and weathering, the overall structure is sturdy with steal supports and brickwork


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Yeh we went in a few months back. Not much to see as such but an amazing building. Nice glazed brick hall with crane still in situe. Oh and it had a forsale sign on it too. Probably a bit out of my budget :-(