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Report - Criggion Radio Station


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This is my first UE thread, so here goes.

I had the afternoon off today and with not a lot to do, phoned my mate Al up and set off to North Wales with the plan of exploring Criggion.

Criggion is fairly well documented elsewhere on the forum, however for those who've never heard of Criggion, I'll give a brief overview.

Criggion Radio Station was opened in 1942 by the GPO, and then went over to BT in 1984. It was of particular interest to the Soviets during the cold war, as it was used as part of the communication network for the Trident submarine defence system. Originally surrounded by half a dozen or so transmitting towers these have since been demolished, but the concrete plinths can still be seen. The complex is made up from several building running along the road. The main transmitter hall sits in the shadow of Breidden Hill, with the main winch house for one of the transmitter masts still able to be seen at the top of the hill.

We explored the main VLF hall, the HF hall across the road, and the maintenance block approximately 300 yards down the road.



View from the exterior


The best picture I could get of the Coil Room, I need to take a larger lamp with me next time.


I'll be honest, not entirely sure of what went on in this particular room, any information would be gratefully received


Again not entirely sure of the purpose of this room, however as a guess, I imagine the kit housed on top of these lintels would get fairly warm hence the lintels allowing airflow around them.

HF hall from the front, relatively easy to gain access to.


Looking into the main room from the roof area


Main room in the maintenance wing, an awful lot of broken glass and tiles on the floor, and a strong odour of sheep crap.


Offices off to the rear of the main room.


A particularly creepy looking corridor running the length of the front of the building


Ladder leading upto the roof space of the maintenance wing.


View of the end of the workshops. Had a look around but as there was a farmer nearby, I didn't fancy an attempt at gaining access.

I hope you enjoy my first post. Any hints and tips will be gratefully received :D


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