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Report - Crinkley Bottom - Dunblobbin' - Cricket St Thomas, Chard, Somerset - February 2014


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After seeing another report on this place recently I just HAD to visit for the sheer weirdness of it! Considering the fact that I am just the right age for the phenomenon that was Mr Blobby, I never got into it - it was just too silly. The fact that he had his own (not one, but two) 'World' just sums up the 90's…
For an amazing video clip of Blobby World when it was open check this out: Crinkley Bottom 1995 - YouTube - Dunblobbin' is at about 6 minutes and the sound effects on entering the house are truly terrifying!

Lakeside view- this was what greeted us on arrival in the car park - it looked manicured, pretty, and used - it is part of Cricket St Thomas lakes and hotel and we had to dodge a dog walker later on in the afternoon. We wandered in the direction we thought was best, past a building full of stores, a derelict barn type thing and the 'staff only' building. All looked deserted. There was some very recent forestry work along the way and I wondered whether we might meet someone with an axe or chain saw and what sort of mood they might be in. We climbed through a couple of felled trees and scouted round the bits we could see before discovering the path up to Dunblobbin' - all the while listening to someone taking pot shots at some unlucky pheasants not too far away.


End of the line - this is the station that would have served Dunblobbin' - find this and you're very close


Station Masters House - missing a wall and filled with crap


Waiting at the station for the train to arrive...


What lies behind this door??


Tunnel - can't think of a less salubrious welcome really


Dunblobbin - yeah, it's blurry but then it couldn't look much worse, right?!


Inside is trippin' man - ACID!


Mr Blobby touched me here…




I think this must be a ravers version of a foam party - you probably had to be there :)


Room with a view


It's just utter shite really!


After all that, you'll need to visit the facilities to chuck up - the 'cleaning in progress' sign really threw me when I first saw it, lol

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