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Report - Crisp Delph Sandstone Mine - UpHolland 2017

Will Knot

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The Explore.....

It has been a while since I have posted anything on 28 due to family and work commitments but that has not ultimately stopped me from periodically getting out and about.

Thanks to @Morrisey for providing no nonsense details and for hooking me up with Mr @Kwan for a visit, a call later and we were on our way to this amazing sandstone mine.

I do not know much about Crisp Delph but we happened to bump into an old bloke in the woods who lived in the bungalow that backs onto the quarry, he told us some amazing story about a company called Finch who illegally quarried the the Sandstone from Crisp Delph and where only stopped when a resident started legal proceedings to put an end to the plundering, yes this was in the early 1900's and he was quoting from memories that were told to him by his own Grandad.

Upon entering you are immediatly on an incline that opens up from a crawl to a full on chamber that has jenga type concrete supports right up to the roof.

A bit of History....

Crisp Delph Mine is a sandstone mine near Skelmersdale, one of a network of flagstone quarries and underground workings in the immediate area, dating from the early 19th century. It included a tramroad that headed east along the line of Farley Road to Roby Mill. The tramroad was worked until 1860.

Throughout the quarry the roof is heavily supported by the use of concrete blocks, the area of unsupported roof is quite staggering, it is thought that the blocks were installed when the quarry was reputedly used as an ammo dump?

The mine is a classic example of the 'Pillar and Stall' technique, but far less pillars than I'm use to seeing. The miners cut away at the good sandstone which is in layers as it's a sedimentary rock, and leave pillars to hold the roof up as well as the poor rock and soil above and below.

What did surprise me about this mine was the steep incline, probably between 30 and 40 degrees, all the other similar mines I have visited are on the same level without a slope. I presume this must be down to the geography of the site and the sandstone layers are inclined themselves.

.....on with the pics......enjoy!?! :thumb

a DSC_7177 jp-4800.jpg

a DSC_7183 jp-4800.jpg

a DSC_7190 jp-4800.jpg

a DSC_7193 jp-4800.jpg

a DSC_7195 jp-4800.jpg

a DSC_7196 jp-4000.jpg

a DSC_7197 jp-4800.jpg

a DSC_7198 jp-4800.jpg

Thanks for lookin' in :thumb .....I hope you enjoyed the report ;) .....I Will Knot :D


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Great mine this I was surprised how big it was. Especially in somebody’s back garden.

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