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Report - Cristal main brothel / Styxs nightclub Denton - November 2014


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28DL Full Member
So This has been on my list for a while, not because I expected anything special just because it was so close to where I work. I tried a couple of times but a packed pub next door made it hard work. I ended up moochin past by chance and noticed another way in so jibbed in whilst I had the chance.

Can't find a lot about the club, it closed in about 2005 I think as I remember it being open when I was younger. If anyone knows of any info I wouldn't mind a read!

The brothel was in the news a few times with stories of trafficking and stuff like that.

From the GMP Tameside West Facebook page...

Two people have been arrested and charged with offences relating to running a brothel on Amelia Street Denton.

Officers attended at a business known as Cristal Main following information which had been received from the local community, who had raised concerns regarding possible people trafficking into the sex industry.

Following investigations a male and a female have been arrested and charged for offences relating to the running of a brothel, allowing the use of the property for criminal gain and prostitution offences.

The slates been nicked off the roof so it's pretty grim...













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Thought this place was more fucked over tbh. Just looked at a map from late 1800's and it says Wesleyan Chapel, might explain that sweet woodwork. :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Ye the ceiling was decent the pics don't really do it justice, shame the rest is so haggard! Cheers for the info!


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28DL Full Member
Been going past this place for ages thinking about hitting it up, every time though more and more of the roof is missing hahaha


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28DL Member
What gets me on cristal main, is how did you manage to take pics of the inside of the club, surely you would need a key to the place, am I right.


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Me thinks you may be right, obviously got issues either way

Thing is, very few places (especially dis-used) are as secure as you think they are Stacey

If you do indeed own/maintain this place you really ought to do a better job of securing it and keeping pesky photographers out, of course people doing this silly hobby are the least of your problems


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28DL Full Member
Ye I thought that myself, at the end of the day the place has no roof on it it's hardly secure. Lol

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