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Report - Croatia - Hotel Jadran - Visit sep 2011 - Report sep 2013


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Nothing spectacular, just another hotel ruin at the Adriatic sea.. :rolleyes:

Hotel Jadran is beautifully situated at the Adriatic Sea, seems to be built around 1950 and it is said that at the time, and many years to come, was the largest and most luxurious hotel you could stay on in Yugoslavia. Looks undeniably really lovely on old postcards!

Later it was built much larger, and in many cases more luxurious, hotels at the Adriatic sea. If it was war, or that the Hotel Jadran simply gone out of fashion, that made Hotel Jadran to be a ruin, in what is now Croatia, I do not know anything about.

Heard rumors that the "Russians" would be interested to renovate and take Hotel Jadran running again. But I believe that Russian investors would rather invest their money further south, in Montenegro, now when Croatia is in the EU-family.

That's because Russians, since 2008, can travel to Montenegro without a visa as long as it comes to tourism, but need a visa to travel to EU countries, even for tourism. (I am, however, for obvious reasons, not fully up to date on visa requirements for different countries when it comes to Russians, might have changed)

Either way, a nice ruin stop by for a while. Best of all was that we ran on an older British couple. They thought it was a "Jolly good ruin", and became confused because we were not part of any more well known "Photo society", and the excuse at last, that it was very high time for some "afternoon tea" :laugh


More pictures, and larger pictures.. HERE!












More pictures, and larger pictures.. HERE!