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Report - Croatia -The Power Station


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This former Yugoslav island, in the Adriatic Sea, was in its time Yugoslav Navy's largest naval base. with a secret command center for the navy, coast artillery, tunnels into the mountain where you quite so protected could maintain their small ships, and the place for a rather large regiment.

When we drove past we saw a tunnel into a mountain, and we was "forced" to take a look when we passed the home just before the sun would go down. Difficult to say exactly what it was, but it has undoubtedly been some sort of power station, probably with a link to all military activities/functions on the island.

The visit was at the end of a long day with many visits, there were not so many good pictures, but in all cases, at least some pictures, better than nothing. A little "fun" it on the wall reads: "Tear down this wall in the event of war".... :D

The whole gallery is here!: http://www.benkar.se/glomdarum/galleri/Utomlands/Kroatien/Kraftstationen