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Some Croatia again.... and as usual, my English a bit bad, :gay but...

Josip Broz Tito was born in 1892 in what is now Croatia. After World War II Yugoslav socialist federation was formed, with Tito as head of government from 1945, and after was Tito President of the Federation, from 1953 until his death in 1980.

When you look around online you'll find a large number of "Tito-houses", you'll find them beautiful on the Adriatic Sea, in beautiful wooded areas, and also in the mountains. Most of the "Tito-houses" now has new uses, ranging from Spa to luxury hotels and also as private homes, but Vila Izvor was left to it´s fate....

I am no language genius, but it might translate Vila Izvor to "The Villa at source", which perhaps comes from the fact that the house is located at one of the many scenic waterfalls that flow down into lakes in the great national park in the area. The national park was created/formed already 1949.

As usual, it is difficult to research on foreign language, my Croatian is still rusty, but the house (or one should perhaps call it hunting cottage?) Was reportedly build between 1955 and 1958. Several sources say that the construction project had been code-name "Object99" and that it was primarily political prisoners who were forced to participate in the work....

In this magical building, which almost breathe medieval castle, and who sometimes referred to as "Tito's eagle's nest", met contemporary Yugoslav policy makers to set up guidelines for policy, then switched it off at the bowling alley, a game of pool, or maybe some 35mm film in cinema, all this in addition to all the good food and drink that the kitchen could deliver. If Tito was in place, it could certainly become a hunting trip with the aim to trap a bear or a boar.

The decor was/is amazing with oak and marble, and it is said that Tito was in place at least six times during all these years. But in the end the fun was over .... Tito died in 1980 and then came the Croatian War of Independence 1991-1992. Information says that the last time Vila Izvor used was 1991, and it can certainly sue.

2006, President Mesic visited Vila Izvor (Croatian President 2000-2010) and promised that Vila Izvor would be refurbished and returned the mandate to the heads of the Park, but they saw no economic or practical sense in to renovate the building, and is therefore at this beautiful house , today and matures slowly/beautiful, while the Japanese tourists standing in groups and photographing lakes and waterfalls a few miles away..... :rolleyes:

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