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hi. i am new here but have known about urbex for a while. i live in the pitlochry area and heard about the old Croftinloan school getting pulled down soon... Anyway a mate and i went for a look and found a window round the back of the building to get in as all the doors are well padlocked up. very intresting building with creepy basements and three floors. Also quite alot of loft space but we didnt have the balls for that :L One basement had names allover the walls i guess former pupils? not sure what the were doing down there tho? :/ The building is meant to be 200 years old and built by a lord before it was turned into a school. i cant find much history on the internet though.


didnt get any photos myself but like i say would be worth a look if your in the area. you have to watch out tho because one of the outbuildings is occupied by a person if you want to know which one i will try and explain. If you go in through the same window as we did you cant be seen anyway.

Croftinloan School
Tomnauld Road
PH16 5JR


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Had a job to do in Inverness so called here on the way, slightly disappointing inside.

The fridge looked like it was from the local morgue lol.

Will post some pics soon.

Mr Ex


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haaa sweet man. Yeh i thought it was good but this was my first time so i am probs easy to please :p Yeh post some pics up mate i would be interested to have a look at them :)