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Report - Cromer Court, Norfolk - June 2014


av u seen my marbels
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Visited here with another explorer buddy, after keeping an eye on access for a few years, we finally got lucky. 1st attempt to get in was stopped when we rolled up and there was workmen working on the drainage, 2nd attempt and we were in.

After wanting to get in, it was odd as to be honest there was not that much to see, it was all rather fresh, but still cool as it was a old court and plod station, so yeh... It was time to get the camera out and have some fun

Closed as part of the mass tidy up of the court system in England and wales in 2011, here is a little bit more on the site.....

Cromer court opened on its present site in 1938-39 but was held at other locations in the town beforehand. It joins Wisbech, Thetford and Swaffham among 140 ‘outdated’ courts closing nationwide. In future north Norfolk residents must travel to courts in Norwich, Yarmouth or King’s Lynn.



















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