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Report - Crookham Court Manor, Newbury - December 2014


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Last week was my birthday, I was spending a weekend down in Newbury with my girlfriend. A few days prior to that I was browsing various Urbex websites to kill some free time one evening. By chance I stumbled upon a report of Crookham school manor, not initially realising where it was located. When I saw how close it was to where we were staying it was the obvious Saturday afternoon activity. Especially as my GF has never been on an urban explore and seemed really keen to go.

This is place that has already been explored and reporting a fair few times before, so this is nothing new to a lot of you.
However it has (so far) been the best and most interesting place I have visited.
Not exactly how everyone spends their birthday, but I certainly enjoyed it :D

The history of Crookham school Manor (Or Crookham Court School) is rather notorious. The private school became part of a nation scandal in the late 80s when it was found that one of the teachers was molesting the students. In the end three members of staff where convicted and the school was closed down.
However the terrible things that happened here don't take away from how great this place is. The building is stunning and the small buildings surrounding the main manor are completely open and are a photographers wet dream. Places like this make me want go and buy lots of new camera lenses.
I'll have to make do with my kit lens till I can afford a nice Fuji prime lens next year :(

Despite all the reports I'd read of people that had succeeded to gain access, we couldn't get into the main manor house. The whole bottom floor was completely sealed up. Some of the top floor windows where open, but as neither me or GF had any climbing gear or Spiderman like abilities, so we had to admit defeat.
It was still a fantastic explore.

There appeared to be some kinds of hut/cottage just behind the front gate, so we went through the woods and emerged round the side of the building to avoid it.



A fake CCTV camera?


The garage door had been ripped open.




The top windows is open, but way too high to get to.
So we went for a look round the buildings surrounding the manor.




The old gym




The best part for me was the old science room.
It was in a bit of a mess, but some of the desks still had old exam papers on.





There was an old music room upstairs



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Re: Crookham Court Manor - Newbury - December 2014

Welcome to the forum :hello

For your info: The main house was re-sealed about July time. I'm afraid in this business sites come and go very quickly.

Is that piano looking trashed? It was in a playable condition not so long ago.

There's other sites locally, seek and ye shall find.


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Re: Crookham Court Manor - Newbury - December 2014

lol wouldn't matter if the camera was real or fake as it's pointing to the stars... :-)


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Re: Crookham Court Manor - Newbury - December 2014

The main house was re-sealed about July time.
Pretty sure it got re-sealed more recently than that, some shit HDR photos were doing the rounds on FB not long ago


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Travellers have parked up there , had a quick look round , inside really trashed , was on a solo visit so didn't stay long because of the unpleasant company , one good thing that library and books still in tact


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I've been to Crookham now about 3 times? We only managed to break into the main building once as my friend's brother managed to knock down one of the boarded up doors as he climbed up and got in from the top (what an idiot, I know). The whole place inside is almost never-ending, we must have spent about an hour in there, before I noticed 'Henwick Properties' coming to board us in! There's loads and loads of rooms, the library definitely being my favourite. It's a shame now, as when I went last, which was also in December, the place was boarded up, with no sign of being able to get in this time. But on the whole, you can't fault the place! It's a hidden gem! Regardless of all the stories surrounding it, I love being able to walk up & venture around the buildings you still can have access to, and marvel at what is left of the swimming pool!


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Nice report. I do like Crookham, the main house is my moby dick. Been there twice and have never found a way in there didn't require me to be spiderman or a contortionist. Last time I was there they had replaced one of the doors with a large steel one so it wouldn't surprise me if work will start on it soon.

Also as someone mentioned above, travellers have moved in on site. I think they're the other side if the cabin.