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Report - Crookham Court School - August 2015


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Hey all. This is my first report here so go easy on me!

I've been exploring for a couple of years now and this was my first solo explore, the adrenaline rush is quite a bit more when it's just yourself! I did the shots over two days, the first day it was raining slightly and by the time I got to the school itself (Parked a few roads down due to the neighbours reporting people) I'd forgotten my tripod! So I took the first two photos with the SLR and then just explored and got a feel for the place.

The following day however I brought the tripod and did a slightly more thorough look round the place, and with a load less nerves also, haha.

The building itself is really beautiful with a lot of nice distinct features. I've seen earlier reports and it's a massive shame it's now as trashed as it is. I would have loved to have seen the building in its original unmolested state.

Overall though was a nice calm couple of visits with no security whatsoever, but you have to keep out of the neighbours sight to be sure.

A bit of history of the building:

Crookham Court stands on the former site of Crookham manor house, built around the start of 14th century and destroyed in 1543, and subsequently Crookham House which was demolished around 1850. The construction of the current building started around this time and continued in two more phases over the next fifty years.
It’s served several purposes such as a manor house, a junior school and a school for children of people serving at Greenham Common. It was abandoned for some time after the US Air Force left the area and purchased in 1961 when it was used as a boarding school until 1990, after which point it was apparently used as apartments (although this isn’t too obvious from looking at the place) and has been abandoned since 2007.
In 1988 there was a well-publicised case of child abuse by several members of staff which was covered on Esther Rantzen’s show That’s Life. This had apparently been going on for thirty years but it was only when the headmaster Mr. Gold joined the school in 1987 that it was discovered and reported. Three were convicted, including the principal who was the owner of the building. Over twenty years later the teacher who had been set free was also convicted when another victim came forward; he has tried appealing but been denied.

And of course, some pictures!




















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Great report :thumb
but what a state the place is in these days, such a shame!


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My previous opinion was that it was a shame that people were trashing this place, but on second thoughts, if I were a former pupil I'd probably want to burn it to the ground.


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Thanks :) Yeah it really was really trashed! There was a few rooms upstairs that were untouched but they were mostly plain/boring empty rooms. Most likely these were used when it was apartments I'm guessing.


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Checked this out last month, pretty wrecked I have to say. Plenty of water getting in and the top floors are very dodgy. You can see plenty of gaps looking up from the ground floor.

Also had a couple of dogs sent in after us whilst we were there. Turned out ok, the strange dude said he saw us go in. He was wondering if we had any ladies with us, I presume for a photo shoot lol.

Anyhoo, when he realised we were just taking pictures he left us alone. Only decent room left is the library really. Shame!


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Went to visit this place a few months back and about 50 "do as u likeys" hadd set up home out the front, id imagine thats why the place is in such a state now :( gutted.....in more ways than one!