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Report - Crosshall Buildings, Liverpool - April '11


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After going to St. Cyprian's with SparkUK, Everyonefreezes, his girlfriend and Hiddenshadow. HS and I wanted to go and do something else in Liverpool, and upon hearing my - not very good - suggestions SparkUK suggested this. Cool! Off we went!

A bit of history, although SparkUK covered it in his report, here goes...

There isn't a whole lot of history on this place, Place Northwest calls it "a Victorian office building known as Crosshall Building and the 1960s former council office formerly known as the Tinlings Building." Personally I'd call it a bastardisation. The Crosshall building and the Tinlings building last use was for Liverpool city council. By the looks of things it was vacated in 2005 and has lain unused since then.

The Crosshall building looks like it started life as a warehouse, but apparently became the first juvenile court in the country. The Tinlings building is a 1960's no mark building, that's mostly open plan.

In 2007 the was some noises made by developers about turning these two combined buildings, along with the calvinistic chapel. This was scrapped, with the developers saying:

“Residential is not the market to be putting money into at the moment, but commercial offers a better chance.

“There is also still some very good interest for hotels in Liverpool.â€￾

He [Vision managing director Stephen Cliff] revealed the developers were already in talks with a boutique hotel operator

Right on with the pics!

Upon entering we made our way to the top floor via the spiral fire escape - which I neglected to take photos of - and where greeted with what appears to at one point have been archive space


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It always amazes me how quick a building will deteriorate when people move out

Although it look as though it's been "helped along" at some point


It looks like a range of different departments used this building


Welcome to the future!

Down into the Basement


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A big part of the basement is properly flooded


Thank for lookings :thumb As always, the Flickr set is here
The slideshow is here

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