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Report - Crouch Drain, Mancfester - June 2010


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Crouch drain, Manchester - Visited by Ojay & Stepping Lightly.

Having checked out some 'other' drains and a couple of CSO's earlier in the evening, we stumbled across this place, having decided to take a look up a smaller section of RCP to see where it lead to....

It certainly lived up to it's name as it's a real back breaker as we stooped up a long section of RCP under 3ft before eventually ending up in what looked to be a small storm overflow and CSO. complete with plant room with an Archimedes screw like processor.

We ventured behind only to find another channel of sewerfresh silently bubbling its way underneath Manchester as we looked on.

I stopped to stretch my back for a moment and as I climbed across to the ladders to take a few photos, my foot sank into the silted up nastiness, I got a few shots before heading off in the other direction to see where S.L. had vanished to?

It was now very late and I was filthy and knackered and in much need of a shower and some sleep, it wasn't long before I caught back up with him I think we both silently agreed it was time to GTFO and go home.

Concluding that Stepping Lightly appears to be superhuman, with his spine of steel and ability to lift the heaviest of grids we were back out into the fresh air, in a rather on top area of town, wadered up and covered in crap, you can only imagine the strange looks we recieved as we entered the 'normal' world of overground, "now then where was we parked again" :D

RCP, which ended up shrinking to under 3ft


Inside the Overflow tank/Plant room, with the Archimedes screw one side and the sewerfresh flowing in another channel behind



Looking up


A view from the top


Thanks for looking :thumb

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