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Report - Crown House, Huddersfield, September 2019


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Crown house has done well so far as most of the other building in the close area have been demo`d ie, sports center and block of flats.
Iam near sure this will suffer the same fate.
Crown House comprises a ten storey purpose built office block constructed in the 1970s being accessed from a shared ground floor lobby/reception area.

Being one of the highest buildings in Huddersfield, the upper floors at Crown House offer excellent views over the surrounding area.
In its time its been Inland revenue tax office, Job center / Socail building and finally ATOS Assessment Centre Huddersfield on the Ground Floor in 2018

This had been on my list of things todo a long time now and am glad i didnt go alone as i would never have managed it. Lets just say its the first time ive entered a building this way.

Dissapointed we couldnt find the roof access but theres definatly got to be a revisit here before it gets knocked down.
Sorry about the lack of interior shots but prity much every floor was the same.Not the most exciting of places but worth it for the views.

View from front

View from side

View from 9th floor

Front desk

View from side up on 9th

Car park underneith

Lift Warning

Security Room

Empty Office space

Prity much same on each floor

Time to leave


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28DL Full Member
Oh that takes me back! My first memory of swimming was in that sports centre. And a mate of my mums ran the Crypt Cafe in the church you can see!

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