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Report - Croxteth Community Comprehensive School (Liverpool, Sept, 2017)


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Happened to be parked next to this making a phone call before I realised it looked abandoned...so popped in for a look. History: Closed in 2009 amid some controversy and, if I understood a passing local correctly, was also the site of a previous comprehensive school ('Croccy Comp'). Of the two existing buildings, the former sports hall is still in use a local training centre so I didn't look at that. The main school turned out to be a bit of a bust - most of it is still in quite good condition apart from some vandalism. Several of the rooms are used for storage, the rest are mostly empty. The only fun was a couple of rooms apparently used for training apprentice brickies, with half-built walls and some rendered columns.

Overall not particularly interesting unless you like this type of building or went to school here.
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