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Report - Croxteth comprehensive school, Liverpool- feb 19


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Closed in 2009 to much protest due to lack of funding by the local council even ending up all the way to court: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/croxteth-comprehensive-school-fight-ends-3450033. It was used for bricklayer training intill it was left unused, Since urbanchemist's report in 2017 the school has had a considerable more vandalism from the local youth and it seems the sports hall has been left derelict as well but seemed sealed.
The Croccy youth where on full force smashing it up, i decided to do a church and come back and it was empty except to young lads (causing no harm,) whom run out thinking i was security, told them who i am and they told me to a move a certain item to a certain place for access, Once in i realised how fucked this place has become since the last report, the downstairs was dark and did not have a good torch for long exposure, so i only took pictures from upstairs its a mirror image and is fucked the same amount, anyway here it is

a picture of the former pupils protesting its closure.


I got one photo before my camera decided just to die.
the rest are from my phone.
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