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Report - Crumlin Road Courthouse (Belfast, Aug, 2019)


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Anyone who grew up during the troubles will have heard of the Crumlin Road Couthouse and the associated jail across the road.
For those who don’t know check out a recent post with historical background and some pretty pictures of the outside.


We were visiting friends in Belfast, doing the tourist thing on an open top bus when I was reminded about this place.
Although a gorgeous looking building it’s clearly little more than a shell, having been set alight numerous times.
Still, the last pictures of the inside seem to be from 2008, so we stopped off to see what’s left.
Visited with junior and de facto cousin Grendalin of Down.



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This was the first derelict building I ever took a photo of, from the outside during a school trip to Ireland back in 2008. I wish I could have seen it back then...


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We made the trip over just to see this pre fire, it was amazing back then.

To be fair there is more left of the courts than I thought!

I did like the very topical graffiti in the holding cells!

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Like this. From outside you`d think it would be in pretty good nick. I guess weather & vandals had other ideas. Good job getting in and really nice decay set there. I especially like pic 11. :thumb


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Seems the Crum is up for sale -

As an aside, the current owner seems to be Signature Living, a company owned by Lawrence Kenwright.

Isn't he the one that the bearded one set his dog upon in Denbigh ?


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I don't see why they couldn't have turned this into a museum like they did the prison over the road. The crumbling road gaol and courthouse museum tour would've been brilliant.
Such a shame to see a beautiful building in disarray.

Either way, great report, and some lovely photos, good job man!

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