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Report - Crystal 114-2 (possibly Haunted) - Sept 89

Bikin Glynn

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I believe this is the first explore of this little gem so please don’t ask for location as I wont share!

The 1984 – 88 Crystal caravan range had a slogan
“You’ll find real value for money on Fleetwood Country”

Cool, clever Crystal. Where else will you find such ingenious use of space – so much style and comfort for so little?

Crystal is the sensible way to step into the fascinating world of caravanning without breaking the bank … yet you’ll enjoy a specification that constantly impresses even the most experienced veteran.

Had this in mind for ages but it was a tough one to crack! I had a mate stand watch here as it was one place I didn’t want to get caught but with anticipation I quickly made my way around the explore.

The list of features here was incredible, when new this beast offered.

Velour upholstery, deep pile carpets, double glazing, electrics, fitted kitchen units, hob, grill, drainer, bathroom with vanity unit … Crystal has it all.

And it all rides smooth as silk on a lightweight heavy-duty chassis. So you can tow Crystal with pride behind even a modest family saloon.

  • Galvanised chassis
  • Bonded insulated floor & side walls
  • Tinted double-glazed windows
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Corner reading lights
  • Space heater
  • Cold water system
  • Full length vanity unit
  • Stainless steel combined 2-burner hob, grill and sink
  • Electrolux 2 cu.ft. refrigerator
  • Control panel for 12v
  • Side and end roof lockers
  • Fitted clock
  • Pelmets

Upon approach I immediately saw what looked like an access point but alas it was securely locked!

You will have to settle for externals & a few I took through a murky window.

As Id almost given up hope I spotted another opening & managed to get one more clearer internal shot before the unmistakable sound of security with dogs approaching was heard.

I made a swift exit concluding the explore

Thanks for looking


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It certainly looks haunted, did you try any EVP's or possibly randomly cycling through radio frequencies on an old radio to confirm said hauntedness?


grumpy sod
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Pffft just another person hopping on the bandwagon of doing epic mouldy caravan explores the sort of which has been cropping up on Facebook lately.


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28DL Full Member
I can hear the tourbus engine revving... !
Or should that be the tour motor-home now?

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