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Report - Crystal Palace High Level station - London - October 2014


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ok this is my first report. I actually visited this place a few weeks ago but flopped, this time i woke up early one morning and thought id give it another go, this time success!! it was actually a really easy one except for the bloody crows!! soon as i was in there they came and started kaw kaw kaw.

A little bit of history(copyright wikipedia)

The Crystal Palace and South London Junction Railway was promoted by the London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LCDR); by 1860 the LCDR had a line running to Beckenham Junction via Loughborough Junction, some three miles to the north-west of the Crystal Palace site. After the Crystal Palace was destroyed by fire in 1936, traffic on the branch declined. During World War II the line was temporarily closed after bomb damage. Although temporary repairs were made and the line subsequently reopened the decline in traffic and a requirement for heavy reconstruction work led to the decision to close the station and branch on 20 September 1954, although it was not demolished until 1961.


main exit



Stairs leading up from exit to the palace



Main open area


stairs in open area


Another shot of open area


Beautiful brickwork


Main exit from the station


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Ah nice one man, glad to see it's being explored. Plan on giving this a trip myself.

Nice first report by the way, good job. :thumb