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Report - Crystal Palace High Level Station subway - London - August 2014


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Dropped by here about 2 months back with a friend, originally spotted when in the area visiting family. The ruins of the Subway, rail tunnels and retaining walls leading away from the area are pretty much all that remains of the station that once existed here. It would've ferried people directly to the Palace once but the passenger numbers obviously would've dropped after that was destroyed. A housing estate sits on top of the station site now. The subway drops underneath a main road and into Crystal Palace Park.

The stairways into the subway on the side of the Crystal Palace, heavily overgrown in places.

Open-air section on the Palace side.

Into the subway itself..

Roof detail.

The exit onto the station side of the subway.

An image showing the original station with the Crystal Palace at the back. Copyright Illustrated London News.

You can follow the path of the tracks Eastwards from the station, original retaining wall still here in a housing estate.

This leads onto the Paxton Tunnel heading towards Sydenham and onto Victoria.

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Hidden in plain sight really as well - embarrassed I'd not popped my head over the side earlier.

Palisade fencing just calls out to me these days. :D


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anyone heard of the urban legend "train entombed in the tunnel" from wiki, in one of the sealed tunnels in the area, an engine or carriage remains hidden..
Pictures are amazing! Definitely going to be checking this out.

Love the pictures of the roof.
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