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Report - Crystal Palace Park and Subway, London - January 2013


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I saw a good report on this here and it piqued my interest so, being a Londoner, decided to go check it out. Crystal Palace is located in south London and named after a Great Exhibition that was moved there from Hyde Park during the 19th Century. There is now a large park there with some random things in it such as a load of dinosaurs ... and the subway (which isn't so random).

Spent around an hour here just so that I could take in the park as well as the subway, which is famed for some unique tiling. Entrance to the subway is locked down from both the east and west so I couldn't get in to the actual subway this time around. Still, got some snaps in that will hopefully inspire a few others to go take a goosy gander.

The subway was important because it linked a railway station (since gone but was located to the west of the subway and is now a medical centre that look like an old people's residential estate) to the Crystal Palace itself preventing visitors the need to navigate the road crossing. The subway was decorated most likely to just keep those visitors entertained as they mooch under the road to the palace and back.

Anyway, here are some images starting with the park:









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