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Report - Crystal Palace Subway - London - August 2011


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I saw the report by thecrazyfool on this place and thought that I'd have to do it, especially as it was billed as one of the easiest places to get into.

As it happened, I was due to attend a BBQ nearby, so thought why the hell not.

Thecrazyfool's report has the big chunk of history, but I'll add a couple of bits.

In this photo from the 1920s, you can see the ticket office at the end. It's now all gone but for the steps up to street level.

The subway was open to the public until the late 1990s, when it was fenced off, only occasionally opening to the public. Interestingly, the fencing there now looks very new and fresh.

It was used as an air raid shelter during WW2, which surprised me as it's rather shallow. I don't know if it was maybe a bit deeper many years ago.

This photo is apparently of steps down to the platforms, taken many years ago. I could only see steps leading up. I may have just been blind and missed them though:


The purple/pink graffiti has also been washed off completely. The fresh new fencing could be associated with this. The 'Porn Drop' is still there, though. I have purposely left it out of the photos to let someone discover that little gem for themselves.

There are still plans to develop the space into something more publicly accessible, with things like an open air cinema, market stalls or a performance space put forward as possible uses. The latest bit of news I could find on that is dated December 2010 when a proposal was put to the council(?). Dunno if it's made any progress since then.

Taken on a Canon 550D with a stock 18-55mm lens. I'm still just experimenting and a TOTAL amateur, but these ones came out okayish.






I'm planning on making anther trip there soon, but to catch the sunset as it's visible in a rather funky way through one end of the subway.

I did a little bit of a recon in the surrounding area, checking out the tunnels which the trains themselves used to use. The tunnels are still there. Some are open, with gates and that and some are bricked up.

We shall see...

Anyway, this is my first report, so any criticisms, suggestions, insults, etc., please feel free to throw my way.



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