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Report - Cults Limestone Mine - Fife - July 2017


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28DL Full Member
This is just a quick report on a visit to Cults since entrances were blocked, I'd not been there before and just wanted to check that it was still accessible before returning for a proper look.
I found, with some difficulty, one of the remaining entrances (this is NOT an easy place to access) and had a brief look inside, I didn't dare go in far as I had limited lighting and it was getting late. Its often said how big this place is but that doesn't really prepare you for how much of a warren of intersecting tunnels that Cults is, its an absolute labrynth and you can barely walk twenty feet or so without coming to one of the countless junctions, getting lost in here would be no joke.
Pictures aren't too good as I wasn't set up for cave photography, had no tripod so had to balance camera on any rocks that were suitable. Still, I can confirm that Cults can still be accessed at the time of writing this, though I don't know if there are plans to seal remaining entrances. Possibly they were content to just seal the more easily reached entrances, though there is a Coal Board notice by the entrance I went in by.

Thats all for now, I hope to return for a longer visit sometime in the next few weeks.


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