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Report - Cumberland St Station - Gorbals, Glasgow - April 2011

HorZa IX

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Whilst out looking for places to visit over the weekend myself and Kebab1701 drove past this place and noticed that it happened to be open. I must have driven past hundreds of times over the years and never seen it open. So we seized our opportunity and dived inside.

A bit of history:
The station was built in 1900 as a replacement for another station situated less than 100 yards away, due to the line being doubled in size. The line is elevated above the ground and runs through the Gorbals area of Glasgow.
It was closed in 1966 along with the rest of the line.

The station itself is fairly small with most of the platforms having been removed when new bridges were put in place. The line is still in use however I believe it is only for diesel freight trains as there are no overhead power lines or a third rail.

Former entrance to the station:


Corridor leading to stairwells which access the platforms above:


Arches below the platforms at ground level:


These were all fairly easy to access however I reckon the entrance we used will be quickly sealed again. Unfortunately we couldn't access the platforms above from within the station due to the stairs crumbling away and being sealed by iron gates at the top. So we decided to take the long route and walk the track bed of the long abandoned line which runs above the Brazen Head (any weegie will know this place!).

This lead us to the former Main St, Gorbals station, or what is left of the platforms:


As you can see this has been left to rot and nature has reclaimed most of it. There were many empty bottles of Blue Lightning kicking about so we were fairly sure the local neds came up here regularly.

We eventually made it round to the platforms of the old station, successfully navigating one obsticle which neither of us have been on before. You can see it running through this picture along with what is left of the platforms, which is pretty much hee haw.


Sorry there aren't more pictures from topside but the overgrown platforms were not very interesting :(


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