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Report - Cumbrian House & Sports Gym, Sutton Hospital, Surrey - 2016


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As a few members here will be aware, I have not been very active this year. This has been due to some serious health issues which saw my health deteriorate through the year until I was admitted to hospital for urgent treatment. For the later half of this year I have been fighting cancer and spent most of my time in hospital receiving treatment. This hasn't stopped me trying to keep busy though despite the horrible side effects of treatment, heart failure, Lung damage, emergency trips to intensive care, the list of stuff goes on.

While receiving agressive treatment in hospital I was lucky enough to find that half of the site was disused with the usual security measures in place. I chipped away at the buildings as much as I could over the last 4 months each time I was allowed out of the ward.

the Cumbrian House was operated by South West London and St Georges Hospital Trust along with the Chiltern wing (see my previous report).
The Sports Gym had been used as a document store before closure and so was full of shelving and the odd patient record. Behind the shelving the original stage remained in place.


The hospital and the buildings had many mixed uses from construction through to closure. The first buildings opened in 1899. Most of the site was dedicated to support and treatment of mental health issues.
A comprehensive history of the site can be found here http://ezitis.myzen.co.uk/sutton.html
All of the buildings on the Sutton hospital site are either now demolished or boarded up awaiting an uncertain future.














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Thanks wevsky, it's certainly been a hard year, let's just hope it's all over next year and I can get on with life

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He shoots and scores again :thumb Disappointed the gym was only used for document storage though.


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Absolute legend mate, someone said to me a while ago that certain people have exploring in there blood, clearly you're one of them.
Thanks dude, this is why I said I hadn't been doing much lately when we were chatting online lol


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Gutted you've been going through that shit mate. Good on ya for keeping on exploring though, you must be addicted :)