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Report - Cumbrinons (Cumbria Road Trip) - June '12


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Featuring the derping mastery of Lord RaptorJesus of Midlandsshire, Sir Thompski of Cobington, Baron von J4M35_UK of the Pee and Marquess Sim2Lew of Wirderp

So we set out on a miserable, wet day in Merseyside and made our way to Warrington. Getting there would have been a joke had it have been funny; it wasn't. Despite leaving leaving at silly o'clock, Lew and I still made it to our meet at Warrington station late. We didn't have an interesting conversation with another friend of mine we randomly bumped into about BDSM, sub/dom stuff and getting VERY drunked. that made the journey a wee bit more interesting :D

Eventually we deposited ourselves snugly in Lord RJ's explora-taxi and headed oop norf!

Observe us skillfully avoiding Skelmersdale

We successfully navigated the treacherous and slightly perilous M6, only stopping to take on board the finest of machine made Costa coffee and nicotine of the Marlboro red variety. Upon reaching The Land of The Cumbrinons we stocked on the finest local ales, except for Baron von J4M35_UK; he was content with the mysterious canned 'P'.

We proceeded in the explora-taxi to find a camp site for the night. After receiving what was quite frankly insulting offer we decided to venture to the first site and figure out the camping after we where done.

Onwards to Carrock!

Carrock is an odd mine. it is the only mine in the realm of the Cumbrinons to produce Wolframite, an ore of Tungsten. Worked spasmodically since 1854, but never for very long, as mining is only viable when tungsten is at its peak of it's power, hence more economically lucrative. The last period of working finished in October 1981.

Carrock mine is also more vast than we gave credit. I'd like to revisit at some point to finally conquer it's myriad depths and stopes once and for all!

The first port of call was the Harding vein North. Upon derping around for a bit in water of varying depths, we decided to refresh ourselves in the most fitting manner; fine red wine and cigars (hence the smoke!).

The are features present from it's last working period, which luckily for me are quite photogenic

With the mine being worked on multiple levels, the ore was sent down chutes to be taken to the surface


There are traces of electricinons here and there


Seeing the vein floor to ceiling is pretty cool

Myself and Baron von J4M35_UK attempted to explore the Harding vein south but being forewarned by an ancient sign of the anger gas, we only preceded a short distance before deciding the smell was too dodgy and decided that fucking off is the better part of valor! :p:

The intrepid group upon return to the light

It was back to the explora-taxi and onto Coniston, for the nights feast of rocking horse shit rare burgers and wild camping. Win! Beers were drank, stories told and Baron von J4M35_UK mercilessly ribbed!


We awoke on the morrow to more clement weather and bacon. Hunger sated we headed up to the Old Man Mine. Only a short walk, Lord RJ assured us. 1.6 miles was indeed a short walk, climbing almost 1400 feet was the killer! This was somewhat relieved by the fantastic views!



After Much wheezing and stopping (your interpid author is not as fit as he once was), we finally made it to the entrance to Old Man mine.

Now there is a fair bit of slate on the side of Old Man, but we did not venture into the deepest lake district to see liberated, but discarded slate. We wanted slate in it's natural habitat, we wanted relics and ruins. We weren't that impressed after the walk. There are some good features in the mine but after a long walk up to it, it hardly seemed worth it aside from the views.



One thing that did impress me was the sheer size of the place. The lights that you see in the picture below are the noble lords illuminating the chamber at my behest. They're fucking dwarfed by the scale of the place.

The exit

Sir Thompski gurning his was out of Old Man

We decided to visit flavour country and share some chocolate whilst enjoying the ruins of Old Man, and the fantastic views; a much needed respite.



Baron von J4M35_UK drinking his final can of Pee whilst enjoy the air

Last group shot

Sir Thompski gurning to Cumbria

And that is the end of our tale. The Cumbrinons elluded us, so I fear we shall be forced to make a return trip in the not too distant future.

With much thanks to Lord RaptorJesus for transport, it is greatly appreciated.
And thank you, the humble reader for looking. :thumb I do hope you enjoyed my 2000th post ;)