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General - Cwm Coke Works, Beddau, and the incident with Lennox Security


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28DL Full Member
I need some help...

Me and a few other friends went today to explore the Cwm Coke Works, unfortunately we didn't get that far inside, but it's what happened outside that I'm writing about... on entering the site, we found a drone; a normal, working expensive drone, sat there with nobody else looking after it. Quite strange. We entered and left twice after being scared because of talking we thought was security. When we left, we walked around and found a reception for the building. A Lennox Security van (lennox security seems to be the security group for the site ) and two other cars with no number plates. Inside the building, an abandoned, derelict building, there was music and sounds that we could hear. We walked closer, and a massive German Shepherd jumped out of the building barking, but sat in one spot only. When we returned to the enterance we made an hour earlier, it was patched up again. Interestingly, the group Lennox Security is no where to be found on the Internet ( using ordinary search engines, without tor or using the deep web, all though that probably wouldn't help ) and it isn't on companies house anywhere. Does anyone have any information on the strange reception building, or Lennox Security? Thanks.

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