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Report - Cwmorthin slate mine with a little drip to Denbeigh January 2017


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My second report in 24 hours. Blimey i must be bored.


Cwmorthin Quarry is a slate quarry west of the village of Tanygrisiau, north Wales. Quarrying on the site started in 1810. In 1860 it was connected to the Ffestiniog Railway. In 1900 it was acquired by the nearby Oakeley Quarry and the two were connected underground.

The Explore

Early morning wake up call after what i can only describe as Corona fueled night, and i hear the van of love pull up outside my house. Feeling rather rough i made my way down to the rowdy and excited group of lads on my drive ( @elhomer12 , @brown747 and a non member ). We set the sat-nav for a small cafe near the mine and headed on our way.

An hour or so later, after a mishap with a toilet (thats another story) we arrived in wales, driving on a road that can only be described as terrifying. a sheer drop of at least 1000ft to the left and sheep to the right. Yep we was definitely in wales. Shortly after we arrived at the cafe and collected the key. We made our way to the mine and arrived in a small car park at the foot of a huge mountain.

The scenery around the lake is breathtaking. We took it all in then made our way to the entrance. The mine looked very well looked after which is rare these days. The deeper we went the more it opened up until we reached a large chamber with an incline to the left. We decided to head down the incline in search of the bridges. It didnt take long to find them and blimey they are bigger than they look in pics.

We headed back to the incline and then things got interesting. WE heard a group of people ( not explorers ) heading our way. So we waited and about 10 men and 1 very stern looking man appeared. In nothing short of a bellow he said " where are your hard hats, why are you here, why do you all have corona blah blah blah " apparently he was showing a group of paying customers around the mine, so we blagged our way out of the situation and moved swiftly on.

we heading on down the incline (which at this point got extremely steep ) until we reached the bottom. There lied some very photogenic karts and some old pumping machines. After a quick smoke we headed back up the incline and veered off to the right a stumbled upon the famous staircase. this is by far the best sight in the mine, its almost on par with the cathedral in box.... We contemplated climbing them and before we knew it the non member was already half way up. Looks like we was going up then haha.

The further we climbed the worse the steps got. Not much at all was holding them to the slate beneath our feet, one slip and broken bones are inevitable. When we finally reached the top there was a sign stated under no circumstances should these stairs be used. Why i wasn't at the bottom i do not know. Feeling very satisfied we headed out the mine and decided it was food time. After a bite to eat we thought why not go denbigh but i won't bore you any longer with what happened there.

Here are the pics

















Thanks for looking

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Nice snaps,, always love to see that staircase!

Sounds like you got caught by the go below guys, they run trips in that mine. One of the trip leaders is a member of the site that shall not be named...