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Report - D and H Mallalieu Baily Mill October 2009


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I know this place has been done many times before on here and other sites having said that i was in the area so decided to have a look. Wont go too much into the history as its been covered by others. The company were established here in 1856 and moved from this site to another one in Delph around late 1990s. Really just some pics to see if any one can see any difference from previous visits.


The floor has warped a bit here






The place seems to have gone a bit down hill certainly a lot of dampness etc was apparent. Next a visit to the admin a seperate building.


This is the ground floor it was such a shame to see all these documents strewn over the floor just rotting in the damp conditions a fair bit of Mallalieu history here.


this is the top floor or attic space also more documents strewn all over the place with old books on the cloth industry etc also company ledgers charting yet more of their history very sad to see in some respects.


Final pic of the attic in the admin this space behind the walls seemed to go right round the building and was used to store more company records and hundreds of samples of wool etc. Not sure what the mills future is but it still stands albeit very slowly rotting away.


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