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28DL Member

Asking for any help r.e effects of climbing a DAB antenna tower (Borough Hill Transmitter)

Please avoid the 'Don't climb it it's very unsafe I've worked in the industry for 60 years you hooligan' I'm just curious as to how it would affect someone :)



28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I know you are not going to climb a mobile phone tower, but best read up on them and treat them as a worst-case-scenario.

DAB is of a much lower frequency (so it can travel further) than a mobile tower (more short-range but detailed) so there will not be as much of an interaction between the emitted electromagnetic radiation with you. The higher the frequency, the more it is going to affect and penetrate your body (more interactions per second than a lower frequency wave).

Enough to do damage? Yes. But the significance of that damage is much harder to answer.

Your call, but I wouldn't be up for it in my opinion.

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