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Report - Dachong Village Demolition Shenzhen China (Part 2) - October 2010

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This was one of by best ever explores, a High density Urban village in Shenzhen China. A real life ghost town between the time the residents moved out and the demolition teams moved in. It took about a year and a half to clear the site and I made several tips at various stages of demolition.

This is the second visit I made and in 8 months a large section of the village had been demolished and larger higher buildings had been stripped and demolition of many of them was well under way. It was tiring walking up so many flights of stairs and as the buildings in placed were less than a meter apart I would walk up one building and then step on the next to make my way down.

This was a better explore as it was deeper into the site with many more residential and commercial properties.

Part 1 can be found here. http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php/73172-Dachong-Village-Demolition-Shenzhen-China-%28Part-1%29-February-2010;


Renovation project in Dachong, Nanshan District, started Saturday 25th January 2010, with 168 families in the neighborhood having signed an agreement with the project developer the same day, Chinese-language newspapers reported.

The report said that “handsomeâ€￾ relocation compensation paid to the Dachong villagers created a number of super-rich families whose total wealth surpassed 100 million yuan (US$14.7 million).

There were a total 871 families who own property in Dachong, the renovation of which was said to be the largest of its kind in Guangdong Province, according to the Nanfang Daily. A total of 1,400 buildings covering more than 1 million square meters will be demolished for the project, affecting a population of 60,000.
The reconstruction project is scheduled to be completed in eight years.

The neighborhood, considered an eyesore for years in Nanshan District, will be reconstructed as a complex comprising hotels, office buildings, commercial apartments and residential estates. When completed, it will cover 684,000 square meters of an area neighboring the Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park and Overseas Chinese Town.



This building was a Kindergarten.


Inside the Kindergarten


Inside the Kindergarten


Looking down onto the Kindergarten


Kids bedroom


Market street


Karaoke club, locked up tight so no access.


reclaimed metal waiting for collection.


Ghost town.


Primary school.


Traditional old house, at one time this would have been surrounded by farmland.


Everything in front of the skyscrapers will be demolished.

More can be found on my Flickr