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Report - Dairy Crest Creamery, Torrington May 2018


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Recently myself, @Landie_Man and @cgrizzy were looking for a new area to explore in, as part of our final explores before @cgrizzy flies off home to the USA very soon. Various ideas were thrown around, Scotland, Belgium etc etc but the end result, and the simplest to organise with less than a weeks notice over part of the bank holiday weekend was a Westcountry roadtrip. Previous to this I had only explored as far west as Tone Mills - which was our first port of call to show the American one of my favourite sites - and anything further west would be a new adventure for both myself and Landie as well.

So what better way to start exploring in a new geographical area than one of the oldest locations in the book. Ever since I begun exploring almost a decade ago now I had always wanted to explore the old Dairy Crest Creamery in Torrington, even though nowadays it's a graffed smashed shell it was one of places that I had wanted to do for so long that there was no chance I wasn't going down that way and not seeing it with my own eyes. It was, perhaps unsurprisingly, a nice relaxed wander where nothing went wrong.

I left happy, knowing I had finally ticked off one of the urbex dinosaurs of the past.

Thanks for looking :)


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Nice. I have wanted to go here and its cool to see it from a different perspective.
There is also another Dairy Crest place in Torquay with electricity still on and in good condition ;)