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I keep driving past this place and looks like its been shut down for a few months now. Also looks a great explore. Also Peterborough district hospital. If anyone could pm me any further info on either I would be most grateful!!!


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28DL Full Member
Yeah that confirms its closed. Not sure one seccy etc. With have to find a few weekend to check it out. Peterborough hospital is another good one...


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is that the place right next to the a14, if so i saw that not to long ago and thought nice 1, also a few peeps have talked about the the hospital but not heard anything about it yet


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Dairy Crest is still standing as of January 2016......but is very tight


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Has anyone had a look at this? drive past it every week on the A14, looks like an interesting mooch, if not bricked up to buggery.

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stopped at this a few weeks ago, secca is on the ball and was at the gate before I was.

Doesn't mean, its not doable or I wont be going back though lol