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Report - Dale Hall student accommodation (Liverpool, Dec, 2017)


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‘Dale Hall’ comprises a couple of student accommodation blocks, part of Liverpool University’s Carnatic site. Built in the 70’s it closed at the end of 2014 and has remained boarded up ever since. A recent fire (probably arson) in one wing of the larger block prompted a visit. I wasn’t expecting much - student housing has got to be down there with empty office blocks in terms of interest - but guessed there would probably be a few bits and pieces left, particularly as this is a large place. Judging by the amount of re-boarding the local scallies have been getting in, and all the copper piping has (inevitably) been removed.

View from the rear. The fire-damaged section is the blackened bit under the tree - there is a smaller block out of shot to the left.

A few pics of tortured twisty metal in the burnt section.

Typical student room, all the same, like little cells.

Stashes of tiny kettles to make endless cups of Nescafe.

Boys will be boys.

The ‘wallpaper’ on the right is actually the pattern formed by oily smoke and condensation in one of the stairwells.

You know an explore is a bit dull when the boiler room starts to look interesting.

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Sounds like jigsaw finally met his match lol.. nice report by the way.

Neil Hendry

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love this place, the best bit was including the library in which got burned down with the other dorms with the fire, went back around last week just to take pictures but we didn't go in was gutted we didn't they now have 24 hr security there

Elan Homes

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WARNING: The former Dale Hall site is soon to be demolished due to its dangerous condition. Unauthorised entry is strictly prohibited as the building is hazardous and anyone trespassing is putting themselves at risk of injury. It is also likely that traces of asbestos is contained within building, with potential long term health implications on contact.