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Report - Dalquharran Castle, Dailly, Ayrshire - April 2011

HorZa IX

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Having only done a few urbex trips myself and Kebab1701 decided on a fairly easy one to get us into the swing of things.

Dalquharran Castle sits near to the town of Dailly in Ayrshire. It was built around 1790 by Robert Adam who also built Culzean Castle. To look at the castle looks fairly new which I suspect is down to a lot of the external brick work having been cleaned recently. This is another place which is supposed to be getting redeveloped however its lying empty just now with a fair amount of fencing around it to block off the average walker.

The view which greeted us as we emerged from a smal forest track:


This is the view from the courtyard with the stables behind:


The stables seem to be the only building with the roof still intact however it is locked up good and tight with the exception of this small room:


Inside the main building most of the upper floors are exposed to the elements. Here you can still see the fireplaces on the different levels:


Down into the basement where all the rooms are in a fair state. I think these are ovens (may be wrong!):


This gear has been here for a few years as I've seen it in much older shots:


Lastly in one of the out buildings:


Thanks for looking!


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