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Report - Dalquharran Castle, Dailly: Spiral staircase collapse - April 2014.


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I'm sad to report that the famous cantilevered spiral staircase in Dalquharran Castle has partially collapsed. This was one of the building's most spectacular features and was a great example of Robert Adam's architectural style. It appears that the collapse has occured in recent weeks and by the looks of it has been caused by the top floor landing falling onto the stairs below, causing them to collapse. This was a stone staircase and it was always thrilling to climb it during explores. Visitors to the building would have noted that there was a large tree growing from the top floor landing and it is possible that the roots of the tree have been responsible for the collapse.

Fortunately this incident seems to have occured when no one was around but it is a reminder of the unpredictable nature of apparently stable structures in abandoned buildings. I have climbed this staircase on many occasions and I never thought it would be unstable enough to fall down, the heavy stone steps had an indestructible feeling to them.








Staircase before collapse:

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